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Scratch off Foils - Holographic and Printed - for Phone Cards
Scratch off Labels - Holographic and Printed - for Phone Cards
Holographic Micro Particle Taggants for security papers and documents
Transparent Holographic Data Protection Overlays for security papers and documents
Contract Secure Manufacture for Diffractive Security Projects
Custom High Security Diffractive Origination - supplied for use in our products.
Contract Coating and Research and Development.

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Scratch Off Labels - Holographic and Printed - for Phone Cards

Our holographic and printed scratch off labels for the phone card industry allow the transfer a scratch panel on plastic carrier onto a concealment area for data protection.

The scratch label acts as an opaque protection layer to protect sensitive data, provides evidence of tampering and keeps the data secure until the scratch off layer on the label is removed. The label base also serves to prevent over-scratch from occurring, protecting the concealed data from any damage during removal of the scratch panel.

Our scratch off labels have a high opacity, secure holographic diffractive imaging or customised print, a soft scratch off feel and are optimised to run at high speed on high volume production equipment such as Atlantic Zeiser Cardline

HSI scratch off labels are offered with a high security holographic imagery (custom and generic high resolution diffractive features) and generic or customised printed patterns.

To increase tamper evidence security cuts or unique constructions can be added to the label, to prevent lifting or other forms of tampering and to keep the concealed data secure.