The products and services we can provide are...

Scratch off Foils - Holographic and Printed - for Phone Cards
Scratch off Labels - Holographic and Printed - for Phone Cards
Holographic Micro Particle Taggants for security papers and documents
Transparent Holographic Data Protection Overlays for security papers and documents
Contract Secure Manufacture for Diffractive Security Projects
Custom High Security Diffractive Origination - supplied for use in our products.
Contract Coating and Research and Development.

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Transparent Holographic Data Protection Overlays for security papers and documents

We manufacture secure holographic data protection overlays for personal identification data protection.

Our data protection overlays are transparent holographic image overlays designed to overlay and protect personal data such as photo ID against tampering and alteration. They carry a high security diffractive image designed for overt public recognition and for covert identification.

Our 'thin film' transparent holographic is an ultra thin film laminate designed to apply under heat and pressure and to provide protection against removal or alteration. The laminate contains both a secure holographic image and security print if required but contains no carrier film layer which it could be separated from.

Our overlays carry either a transparent zinc sulphide coating or a semi transparent de-metallised or pattern metallised coating made using specialist methods.

Under criminal attack for alteration our key diffractive image layer simply melts under heat or dissolves away in the solvent.

We also manufacture pressure sensitive security laminates, both printed and holographic and heat sealable laminates. We can incorporate other security features within our laminates such as our holographic micro particle taggant technology other taggants.

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