The products and services we can provide are...

Scratch off Foils - Holographic and Printed - for Phone Cards
Scratch off Labels - Holographic and Printed - for Phone Cards
Holographic Micro Particle Taggants for security papers and documents
Transparent Holographic Data Protection Overlays for security papers and documents
Contract Secure Manufacture for Diffractive Security Projects
Custom High Security Diffractive Origination - supplied for use in our products.
Contract Coating and Research and Development.

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Contract Manufacture for Diffractive Security Projects

'At HSI we have the capability for volume manufacture of specialist holographic security films and coatings and over 25 years high level experience in holographic production, research, manufacture and origination of secure holographic materials and coatings and novel techniques.

We have undertaken significant security development and manufacturing projects in the fields of holographic security foil manufacturing, scratch off foil and labels, coatings, origination, banknote features, diffractive passport laminate and ID laminates.

Our personnel have originated numerous patents in high security diffractive imaging, security materials and diffractive devices for security and displays.

We have extensive experience in undertaking commercial and technical assessments of holographic and security technologies and companies that provide them.

We offer specialist contract manufacture of diffractive devices and coatings using our in house capabilities and skills, and can provide confidential manufacture, technical consultancy or Research and Development for you inside any one of our technical fields.

Our manufacturing, lab and coating facilities are based inside the UK and are ready to help you with your business. Please contact us to discuss your requirements