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Scratch off Foils - Holographic and Printed - for Phone Cards
Scratch off Labels - Holographic and Printed - for Phone Cards
Holographic Micro Particle Taggants for security papers and documents
Transparent Holographic Data Protection Overlays for security papers and documents
Contract Secure Manufacture for Diffractive Security Projects
Custom High Security Diffractive Origination - supplied for use in our products.
Contract Coating and Research and Development.

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Scratch Off Foils - Holographic and Printed - for Phone Cards

We specialise in holographic and printed scratch off foils for the scratch card industry. Our scratch off hot stamping foil transfers a scratch off overlay onto the card, concealing the area to provide data protection, concealing PIN numbers or other sensitive data.

Our scratch off foil acts as an opaque protection over PIN number data, provides evidence of tampering and keeps the data secure until the scratch off material is removed by the end consumer.

Our scratch off foils have a soft scratch off feel, a very high opacity and a high run speed on both vertical and plate foiling presses and are optimised to run on rotary hot foiling lines such as Atlantic Zeiser Cardline machines.

Our scratch off foils incorporate holographic (customised and generic diffractive images) and printed patterns. Custom holographic images provide the highest level of anti counterfeit security while giving immediate public recognition of your brand. We operate stringent quality control on our products ensuring consistent properties.

We also provide custom overprint for holographic and coloured scratch off foils giving a lower cost, quick turnaround solution for immediate brand recognition.

We are active in the scratch card telecom markets around the world and stock custom scratch foils for several major telecoms networks.